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My thanks go to Our Benevolent Creator for all the blessings He has given me over the past 10 years–among them: dancing at the weddings of three of my children and witnessing the births of three grandchildren. I am supremely grateful for these and all Your other gifts! May it be Your will to grant many, many more years and countless more blessings!

–Simcha Krause


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Ever since Norman Cousins published Anatomy of an Illness in 1979, medical experts have acknowledged the health benefits of laughter.

Now, explore the SPIRITUAL dimension of humor in Sam Krause’s newly published book “Hey Waiter…There’s God in My Soup!”  Check out our sister website  

With the publication of “Hey Waiter…” we proudly link you to the book’s foreword, written by the gifted author, genealogist and sometime magician – Arthur Kurzweil 

The true story of a heart transplant survivor…
Sam Krause was born to Holocaust survivors who had emerged with more than psychic scars from the War.  His mother was so physically ruined that her hopes to conceive and bear children were dashed by the tragic deaths, in infancy, of her first two babies.  Sadly, the birth of her third child – Sam – was marred by the announcement that his heart was hopelessly defective.  A holy man was summoned, and wrapped within his tender blessing for the newborn lay the promise of a life unblemished by the cruel fate that had befallen Sam’s brothers.

Sam’s defective heart continued to pump, assisted by modern medicine and the holy man’s blessing, but on his fortieth birthday, a second holy man divined that the blessing needed reaffirmation.

On a terrifying day in October 2002, Sam was rushed to the emergency room, his chest shuddering with a heart rate of 160 beats per minute.  After the medical team stabilized him, a pacemaker was implanted, but a subsequent visit to Sam’s cardiologist revealed that no device would be capable of sustaining Sam’s enfeebled heart for much longer.  A transplant evaluation was scheduled, and Sam, his wife and six children prepared for the worst. 

January 2003 heralded a new year in the fullest sense.  Sam’s first appointment with Dr. Alan Gass, head of transplant cardiology at New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, became a defining moment for both men.  Dr. Gass, the first of an extraordinary succession of visitors to Sam’s hospital bed, was one link in the chain of miraculous events that culminated in a successful heart transplant that returned life to Sam…and Sam to life.



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